Diablo immortal battle

In Debt Diablo Immortal Whales Being Banned From PvP

Diablo immortal battle

Diablo Immortal players who have purchased the mobile title’s in-game orbs from third-party sellers are being banned from taking part in PvP. Some players who purchased the game’s Eternal Orbs via third parties started having their orbs taken away earlier this month after issues cropped up with the third-party sellers. At the time, Blizzard blamed the issue on “fraudulent purchases” taking place.

Players who had purchased and then spent orbs had the rude awakening of seeing their orb balances go negative. Putting them into “orb debt” with Blizzard. Some whales have gone thousands of dollars into debt with the company. When players first started going into orb debt, it wasn’t clear what, if anything, Blizzard would actually do to collect on the debt. Later, players with a negative balance were restricted from joining parties and taking part in many group activities.

Now, the Diablo Immortal community lead has confirmed on the game’s subreddit that the restrictions have extended to player vs. player modes as well. The confirmation from Blizzard community lead PezRadar came in response to complaints that players with negative orb balances were able to participate and have an advantage in PvP activities.

The reactions from players are understandable. Shortly after Diablo Immortal launched, it was estimated that players would need to spend over $100,000 on microtransactions in the mobile and PC game in order to max out their characters. One player actually did just that. Although after spending over $100,000 on the game, they were no longer able to find matches with other players in PvP because of the massive gap between themselves and potential opponents.

Whales who have spent thousands of dollars in Diablo Immortal, only to have the transactions reversed, stand to gain a massive advantage over other players who are not purchasing orbs or only buying them from the official store.


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