F1 Manager 22 start screen on the Steam Deck

How Does F1 Manager 22 Run on the Steam Deck?

F1 Manager 22 start screen on the Steam Deck

F1 Manager 22 has been a surprise success for developer Frontier Interactive. It has been among the top-selling Steam games since its launch in August and is a great candidate for a game that would work well on the Steam Deck. So how does F1 Manager 22 run on the Steam Deck?

Valve lists F1 Manager 22 as “playable” on the Steam Deck, but don’t fret just because it doesn’t have Valve’s coveted “verified” status. F1 Manager 22 isn’t verified for two reasons. Check out the full compatibility breakdown from Valve to see what they are.

“Entering some text requires manually invoking the on-screen keyboard

Some in-game text is small and may be difficult to read

All functionality is accessible when using the default controller configuration

This game shows Steam Deck controller icons

This game’s default graphics configuration performs well on Steam Deck”


The two main issues that stop F1 Manager 22 from being verified on the Steam Deck relate to in-game text. Any game that requires the on-screen keyboard at any point can’t receive verified status. Similarly, in-game text being small will stop a game from becoming verified. However, neither of these issues spoil F1 Manager 22 and how it runs on the Steam Deck. To show how well F1 Manager 22 runs on the Steam Deck, we made a video showing off the different FPS options, how they affect battery life, and the recommended settings to use. Check out the video below.

As the video shows, F1 Manager 22 runs spectacularly on the Steam Deck. There are no performance issues, and the Deck is able to maintain a steady frame rate at both 30 FPS and 40 FPS on all medium settings. The game utilizes the console controller configuration on the Steam Deck, and it works just as well as on the PS5 or Xbox Series X/S. One nice Steam Deck exclusive touch is that players can use the touchpads to swipe through the various camera modes in a race.

After testing, we recommend limiting the Deck to 30 FPS for F1 Manager 22 because the battery life improvements are significant, and performance doesn’t take a hit due to the strategic nature of the game. We estimate that players can get 3-4 hours of playtime on Valve’s portable PC with F1 Manager 22 running at 30 FPS on medium settings.


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